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YES! is a non-profit association that develops and supports youth
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We are a creative and innovative team of volunteers, that want to
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potential and from that we create educative and challenging
opportunities for international youth mobilities for young people,
youth workers and young trainers.

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UPDATE: Escape Exclusion Project

Within YES we are involved in this wonderful and exciting adventure called Escape Exclusion, which is a Strategic Partnership project supported by the Latvian National Agency of Erasmus+, as part of the educational programme by the European Commission.

Dani, Tina and Gabi are involved in the development of Intellectual outputs. For the First Intellectual Output, we have decided to take on the challenge to develop an Escape Book adventure, which is not so easy. We have decided that during the first staff mobility, in Jaunpils Castle, in Latvia, where we participated in a course on the topic of gamification, inclusion an escape concepts for education. Since September we are designing and writing to bring the Escape book together and even, to find out what makes an Escape book, an Escape book, and not a work book.


This Escape book will bring young people into the magical work of the Life Long Competences, linked to Youthpass. With this we hope to develop an engaging tool for ESC volunteers and young people involved in Erasmus+ youth mobilities (international youth exchanges). When it is ready, we will start test driving this in ESC trainings and some colleagues in Europe already expressed to be very interested in the concept of an Escape book about Youthpass competences as  a tool that supports young people in this learning process. We will also collect data to support the research on inclusion and creative learning environments.


For Intellectual Output 2, INS & OUTS, the Starter kit for creating inclusive escape adventures, we start to make the first drafts for proposals. YES is coordinator of this Starter kit.


Although it is a challenging project, we are also motivated and excited to explore this topic.


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