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Well done’!! Or ‘Goed gedaan!’…

…as we say here in the Netherlands (home of this escape book team). What an achievement to end up at this website.


You have passed the portal and this means that you have shown to be able to put important things together. By passing the portal you have arrived back to your own world and your own ‘ tribe’. With the new wisdom you will be able to take charge of making the changes in your life that you want or need.


We hope that you can use this journey to approach your own life as a discovery or exploration experience.`Supportacus’ has been helping you around in your escape journey, maybe you will find your own supports person(s) for your future development. …and in any case you would like to reconnect to Supportacus, or feel the need to go, you are always welcome to revisit that escape-book.


Thank you for your patience, your dedication and your willingness to complete this journey. Good luck on your next journeys!


This escape book is part of a long-term European cooperation project within Erasmus+ programme. Part of this project is a research our team is doing. We hope you will support us to describe your experience  in short. For that, we ask you to please fill in this Evaluation form about your journey:


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Greetings from the Escape Book team!