3 countries, 2 years, 6 promoter organizations, 20 different educational entities from various fields, more than 1950 directly involved participants, 3 intellectual results, 1 project deeply looking at learning.

YES! is one of the initiators and partners in the international Strategic Partnership project Looking at Learning [L@L], which is supported by Erasmus+ Youth.

The project “Looking @ Learning” aims to provide space and support for cross-sectoral cooperation of professionals in formal and non-formal education on innovation of education in order to create contemporary and successful learning environments for young people in their educational process.

Between March 2015 and February 2017, 6 organizations from 3 countries worked together with other stakeholders to explore what is a creative learning environment, which elements it includes, how we can use these elements to develop creative learning environments, and how to put all this in practice through the development of a learning tool. Partners have participated in 2 Training courses

  • Creative Learning Environments
  • Learning Lab: creating the Educational Escape room

As a result of these Training Courses, educators from the partners in all 3 countries developed many local activities, using innovation and creativity in their learning environments to explore more about the topic of learning. In the Netherlands the organisation Merakel experimented with giving young people with disabilities the
possibility of making choices and with that, have more influence on their own life. Volunteers of YES! implemented local activities together with other ngo’s and schools.

  • YES! & Circus Blixem: Give young people the show! Creating their own circus show
  • YES! & Democratic School de Vallei: children designing their own class room

As result of this project, we developed 3 interesting intellectual outputs:

1) State of Art research “The First Looking at Learning” that outlines problems in the area of creative learning environments in Latvian, Dutch and Spanish education systems, simultaneously viewing education policy documents and inspecting the actual situation in educational establishments. Interested? It is available in English, Dutch, Latvian and Spanish. Download it through the Looking at learning website:

2) Eduesc@peroom: the educational escape room, a practical learning tool to foster creative learning process which can be created in divers educational settings,
for schools, NGO’s and other youth organisations. We have created a report on the tool development, a tutorial which supports educators to develop step-by-step their own educational escape room and a toolkit with good examples of successful educational escape rooms. The documents are in 4 languages and downloadable for free from our website:

3) Research on creative learning environments – “The Key Elements of Creative Learning Environment: a case study from Latvia, Spain and the Netherlands”.
During the whole process partners collected diaries of educators and questionnaires of participants to research the results of creative learning environments. The results are impressive as learners feel more inspired, positive, responsible and interested about their own learning. Want to know more? On our website you can download the English IO3 research report and also infographics of creative learning environments in 4 languages:

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