YES! Is creative and playful.

YES! Is learning in different ways and we use non-formal learning methods.

YES! Wants young people to take initiative and we coach them to realize their ideas and dreams.

In our projects, we combine education with creativity and nature.
We focus on learning opportunities, personal development, mindfulness and
supporting (coaching) learning processes. We explore and experiment
with (creative) learning environments to create new visions and new
experiences for learners and professional educators.

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YES! Has a special focus on:

Youth participation
We believe in the potential of young people. We believe trusting young
people in giving them space creates interesting learning opportunities
and supports social and interpersonal development. This results in young
people becoming more active citizens and social and self-confident
human beings.

Inclusion, equality & diversity
YES! Aims to give space for diversity and inclusion. We believe all young
people are worth to invest in. Our projects usually aim to create divers
groups and include young people with fewer opportunities, especially
people with learning difficulties, disabilities and social and/or economical
disadvantages. We see that everybody can flourish and develop in these
challenging and divers environments.

Creative learning environments
YES! Aims to create challenging and unusual learning environments. Our
projects are based on creativity, art and innovation and use non-formal
learning methods. We feel that learning can be fun and playful, and it
results in interesting competence development of learners and
supporters of learning.

Sustainability and responsible citizenship
We like to see humans in the bigger system of the world and nature.
Many of our projects are based on activism, sustainable and awareness of
nature. We promote responsible consuming, awareness of nature and
environmental issues.

Our target group are young people, supporters of learning: professional
youth workers and youth leaders, young trainers, policy makers, teachers
and social workers; all in all, everybody who is involved in learning and
supporting learning processes.

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